Recreate for Health

Bike Lab created the Recreate for Health program, which is a partnership with Bike Lab, Always Knocking, and Hooked on Fishing. Recreate for Health is focused on providing under-served youth with healthy, safe, and fun outdoor activities where they can be creative, centered, and inspired.

The Recreate for Health program includes these activities:

  • Bike rides

  • Nature hikes

  • Art classes

  • Public speaking/improv workshops

  • Mindfulness and yoga

  • Nutrition classes

  • Tours of fun local attractions


Basic Bike Maintenance

Students learn common bicycle parts and components and basic maintenance in order to be a self-sufficient bicycle rider. This class will be for riders who want to know how to fix their own bike to assure reliable transportation, as well as provide do-it-yourself folks the means to save money in maintenance costs.

Students will learn:

  • Proper fit and pre-ride “ABCs”

  • How to repair a flat and swap out tubes and tires

  • How to adjust brakes (pads, cables, and levers)

  • How to install and swap out pedals

  • How to lube the bicycle

  • Headset concerns and maintenance


Class: 2 hours w/ a group of 10 or less

Bike Labs

Bike Mechanic

Students will learn more advanced bicycle maintenance and how to remove and install bike parts. This class builds on the Basic Bike Maintenance session and provides a foundation for becoming a bicycle mechanic.

Students will learn:

  • Bike stand set-up and use

  • Tool identification and essentials

  • Replace and run new cable and housing

  • How to remove and install a bottom bracket

  • Derailleur tuning and adjustment

  • Stem and handlebar installation and adjustment

  • How to remove and install a chain


Class: 2.5 hours w/ a group of 8 or less


*Prerequisite: Basic Bike Maintenance class

Ground Up Build

Students will be utilizing skills from the Basic Bike Maintenance and Bike Mechanic sessions to build a bike from the frame up. Students will need to prep parts and frame and learn how to build a complete bike and conduct quality checks during the process.

Students will learn:

  • Frame geometry and appropriate parts and components for specific frames

  • How to install and adjust bike parts from the stem, wheels, brakes, etc.


Class: 3 hours w/ a group of 6 or less


*Prerequisite: Basic Bike Maintenance and Bike Mechanic classes

Mindfulness & Yoga

Bike Lab supports the physical, social, and emotional needs of our communities through the concepts of mindfulness and yoga. 


  1. Introduce the practice of mindfulness and yoga – Aimed at stress reduction, relaxation, physical fitness, and a sense of overall well being.

  2. Customized curriculum – Bike Lab will create a responsive curriculum under the direction of and with input from program and community leaders. The course material will foster self-awareness, self-respect, and greater health.

  3. Expanded opportunities – The program is designed to train community members to become facilitators during these sessions. Once fully trained, community members can lead similar classes and workshops and utilize their knowledge and skills in the health and fitness sector.


Contact Tracy Koa at Bike Lab:

                (530) 721-7042 or bikelabsac@gmail.com

Enjoy the freedom and empowerment of a machine powered by you. Explore road, gravel, or dirt via bike!