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Wish List

Below are items that Bike Lab can utilize to empower and serve young adults. See What We Do to learn about exactly that.


  • Cash (donations go directly toward funding bike labs, fixing bikes to be gifted to a young adult, and Recreate for Health).

  • Gift cards for bike shops.

  • Grips – these are often thrashed on kids’ bikes or just missing. A new set of grips makes a big difference.


  • Saddles – new or used in good condition.


  • Tubes – the most common tubes Bike Lab needs are 26” with a Schrader valve, but a Presta valve is useful too. Width range from 1.5” to 2.1”.


  • Tires – 26” tires anywhere from 1.5” to 2.1” width.


  • And, of course, bikes. But not just any bikes; Bike Lab works to bring the utility and joy of riding to kids and young adults, therefore, we cannot accept Wal-Mart bikes or bikes that are beyond repair. What we would greatly appreciate are bikes that may need new tubes, a chain, some adjustment, and lube. Bikes with 26” wheels/tires (look on the sidewall of the tire for the size) or larger are optimal.

Thank you!

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